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IL, SC Public Swimming Pool Operation & Repair, CPO Experts

We offer maintenance and repair solutions for commercial pool and spa facilities throughout the Chicagoland and South Carolina Midlands. 

Our entire staff is CPO Certified, combined with a large inventory of many commercial replacement parts we're able to shorten the down time of your pool or spa facility and get things back up and running faster when repairs are needed. We'll make sure the pool and it's surroundings are up-to-date, meeting all legal specifications such as turn over rates, flow rates, in-fluent / effluent operating pressures, pH and ORP levels, as well as meeting the vast array of legal requirements set in place to operate a public swimming pool in the safest environment possible. 

  • Inspections to meet DHEC requirements 

  • Handicap Lift Service & Installation

  • Filtration System Renovations

  • All Major Repairs

  • Sch 80 PVC Plumbing

  • Complete Maintenance Packages

  • Automated Chemical Systems

  • Duct Work Repair & Replacement

  • Heater Installation & Repair

  • 24/7 Wireless Monitoring Service

  • Chemical Supply Logistics

  • Tile Repair

  • Acid Washing

  • Hydro-static Valve Replacement

  • Mechanical & Digital Flow Meter Replacement

  • Pressure Washing & Paint

Aside from any major repairs, we offer customized maintenance packages tailored to meet specific needs and chemical demands for any size commercial pool or spa. From all inclusive packages allowing us to take care of every aspect including the supply of chemical, to basic packages allowing us to lend a helping hand when needed. Give us a call for special pricing and a free estimate. We deal with many chemical systems, specializing in CAT POOLCOMM controllers that notify us via email and text message the second an alarm is triggered due to water chemistry or a lack of water flow. These systems also allow us to correct and fine tune the chemical feeders remotely from our office if needed, giving us 24/7 control and monitoring of the pool. We can sell or lease these systems as needed. 24/7 monitoring services available as well.

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