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hot tub frozen pipe damage

FAQ / Hot Tub Repair & Troubleshooting

Hot Tub FAQ's and Troubleshooting 

Q. My topside control keypad is showing the error message "FL" / "FLO" / "DR"  and will not heat.

A. Try cleaning the filter and resetting your spa first (by shutting the breaker Off for a few minutes then back On). This error message is commonly associated with a lack of water flow. If the error message will not go away even without the filter in place, please contact our spa repair specialists at Hot Tubs Unlimited (803) 522-8561

Q. My spa keeps tripping the circuit breaker.

A. Be sure to reset the breaker completely by pushing it all the way into the OFF position before attempting to flip it back on. If the breaker will not stay ON, you may have a faulty heating element, jet pump, circulation pump, circuit board, Ozone, or even a bad breaker. A faulty spa component is most likely the culprit of a tripped breaker.

Q. After I drained and refilled my spa, the pumps do not work. I can hear them but there is no movement.

A. Your spa may be experience an air lock, in which air gets trapped in the pump and is unable to catch a prime. To avoid this we recommend filling your spa with the garden hose inside the skimmer or "filter area" to avoid an Air Locked condition. Remove the filter and insert the garden hose into the filter well. In the event of an air lock try draining your spa and refilling it through the skimmer. 

Q. Can I drain my spa in the winter? 

A. It is not recommended to drain your spa in the winter unless you have it professionally winterized. When you drain your spa there is still several gallons of water left in the plumbing, pumps or skimmer compartment. If all of the pipes, valves and equipment are not properly winterized there can be extensive damage caused to your spa. Otherwise we highly recommend using your spa all year round!

Q. Can I build a deck around my spa? 

A. Yes, just plan ahead for access into all 4 sides of the spa. Remove any screws that would otherwise be inaccessible once the deck is finished. Experienced contractors will build access panels or trap doors for adequate service. Having to remove a spa from a deck or enclosure to repair a minor leak can be quite costly and labor intensive so plan accordingly. 

Q. Can I change my spa to a salt water spa? 

A. Although there are several saltwater conversion systems out there, converting a spa that was not originally designed to operate with saltwater may experience premature equipment failures. Your average hot tub does not contain a sacrificial anode, titanium heaters, Viton pump seals or other supporting materials often used in a saltwater spa. 

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